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Orren's Favorite Trigun Quotes

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"I choose not to be dependent upon a weapon" -Orren

Vash, Wolfwood, Rem, Meryll, Milly, Legato, and Knives

All the following quotes are unchanged and straight from the show. I got all these quotes from the Trigun that aired on Adult Swim so some lines may be different. Please enjoy and apply them away you can to your everyday life. Also I only have the episodes from Quick Draw and after, so I searched some other sites for quotes I liked from the first episodes. Note: There are some spoilers to the show, so read at your own risk.

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    • Vash the Stampede
    Vash with his gunVash looking 
serious while in jailVash about to fight someoneVash's Angel Arm during the final battle

    "My name is Valentinez Alkalinella Xifax Sicidabohertz Gombigobilla Blue Stradivari Talentrent Pierre Andri Charton-Haymoss Ivanovici Baldeus George Doitzel Kaiser the Third - Don't hesitate to call." -Vash Vash introducing himself to Wolfwood for the first time.

    "I have been a hunter of the peace, chasing the elusive mayfly known as love for many many moons now." -Vash Vash talking to himself after waking up.

    "But are there really only two paths to a forked path, no there are infinate paths we must take. There is more than one path. There is more than one path to the future." -Vash Vash talking at the end of an episode.

    "Legato Bluesummers, a man fascinated by death, only spoke quietly." - Vash Vash talking at the end of an episode.

    "I always found myself wondering how and why could they possibly keep on living. What motivation did they have that would get them up everday no matter what for the rest of their lives." -Vash Vash talking to an illusion of Rem.

    "This is all I can do. If I... If I shot him now he really would die... It would be wrong to shoot him right!" -Vash Vash trying to decide whether or not he should kill Monev the Gale after Monev destroyed the town.

    "Suicide? To tell you the truth I disapprove of suicide more than anything." -Vash Vash in a flashback to the first episode.

    "Love and Peace!" -Vash Vash the Stampede's motto.

    "The sky is unbelievably blue." -Vash Vash sitting on a bench on a clear day.

    "You killed them. Even though they did terrible things the decision of who should and should not live was never and never will be yours to make!" -Vash Vash mad at Dominique the Cyclops.

    "Oh man I actually have to fight this guy! How can I possibly win such a battle or even have a chance to survive a fight with a guy who smiles with those evil eyes? The answer is I can't, I'm going to be slaughtered thats all! It's not even funny! I should just back out! Thats what I should do alright." -Vash Vash talking about his upcoming fight with Legato.

    "My name is Vash the Stampede! Ladies and gentlemen forgive the lack of warning, but I'm afraid it's time for my daily massacure. And if you don't believe I'm the real thing take a long look at me and start freaking out!" -Vash Vash yelled this at the town people to get them out of the town so the wouldn't get hurt.

    "Are you telling me that I only have two choices: To die or to let die." -Vash Vash talking to E.G. Mine.

    "I tried thinking of what it would be like if Rem died. When I did hot water came out of my eyes and it wouldn't stop for a long time." -Chibi Vash Vash says this at the end of an episode.

    "Whenever I do anything, people die." -Vash Vash talking to Wolfwood.

    "Thall shall not kill remember. What kind of church man are you anyway." - Vash Vash to Wolfwood.

    "Everyone who touches me ends up dying." -Vash Vash talking to himself.

    "I think I would like to do something for somebody. I think it's good if someone smiles when you smile at them. The beauty of voluntary acts can foster goodwill in the hearts of others. Love which doesn't ask for collateral gives us respect as people. However, it is wrong to try to sustain that. In time the strain will bloom into the flower called Lie, the thorny flower which hurts people." -Vash Vash says this at the end of an episode.

    "When this is all over and I'm dead you won't ever shoot anyone again." -Vash Vash talking to Wolfwood after Wolfwood points his gun at Vash.

    "People have many different ways of thinking. Even if a mistake is made as long as a person realizes their mistake it's possible to make it right again, and if you keep your vision clear you will see the future. This is what one must realize... Right Rem." -Vash Vash realizing something.

    "Total Slaughter, total slaughter,
    I'm won't leave a single man alive,
    la dee da dee die ,
    la dee da dee dud,
    an ocean of blood,
    let's begin the killing time..." -Vash
    Vash trying to intimidate villians in train episode.

    "Rem, I will continue to believe in you, but from now on I'll look to my own words for guidance." -Vash Vash talking to himself after he takes down Knives. These are the last words said in Trigun.

    • Nicholas D. Wolfwood
    Wolfwood firing at a group of thugs after the quick draw contestWolfwood on his AngelinaWolfwood smoking a cigaretteWolfwood and the Cross Punisher fighting Grey the Nine Lives

    "I won't let anymore children suffer... ever again!" -Wolfwood Wolfwood talking shooting a bunch of bandits

    "Oh my, I am about to go down in flames!" -Wolfwood Wolfwood is losing at a chess game and is about to be kicked out of the caravan.

    "I've heard enough! People are going to die because of you!" -Wolfwood Wolfwood talking to Julius and Moore.

    "Whenever I look at you I'm reminded of everything I hate about myself. You know it hurts." -Wolfwood Vash thinking about something Wolfwood said to him.

    "I'll be darned. All along I thought there had to be a sacrifice, but there was another answer after all: Vash the Stampede." -Wolfwood Wolfwood thinking to himself.

    "We're nothing like God. Not only do we have limited powers, we sometimes are driven to become the devil himself." -Wolfwood Wolfwood commenting on a hostage situation.

    "No matter what you say it's not going to change anything! You better get use to the idia that someday your going to all live on that desert planet!" -Wolfwood Wolfwood talking to the people on the floating plant.

    "I do know of a guy who whines, cries, and throws tantrums, and he somehow manages to find a way to save everyone. He's a crazy man whose not afraid of anything. Even though he's been scarred from head to toe he'll always be there." -Wolfwood Wolfwood telling Brad and Naoneup about Vash.

    "Yet sometimes, I still think to myself theres no place worse than this planet. It's horrible here." -Wolfwood Wolfwood talking to himself at the beginning of an episode.

    "May you go with God's protection" -Wolfwood

    "I don't understand him. Even in such an impossible situation he keeps saying that nobody had to die. How can he believe that." -Wolfwood Wolfwood thinking to himself about Vash a couple of days after Wolfwood shoots Zazi the Beast.

    • Legato
    Legato about to kill a Rodric thiefLegato's evil smileLegato kneeling before a weakened KnivesLegato

    "I've found you Vash the Stampede" -Legato Legato says this when he first finds Vash.

    "You're reaction was better then I hoped. You're fun. That to think I could kill every man, woman, and child here in the blink of an eye if I wanted to." -Legato Legato bragging about the power of death.

    "The power of death is intoxicating" -Legato Legato with a smile on his face.

    "It's simple, your the first to die." -Legato Legato says this to a Rodric thief

    "But now at least you know, just how much pain there is in living. The day it all ends is near, I advise you to make good use of the time you have left." -Legato Legato says this to two women after he kills all the Rodric thieves.

    "It must be the way you look, Vash the Stampede. Your very existance seems to cause me undo irritation." -Legato Legato thinking to himself and smiling.

    "Humans, how pathetic." -Legato Legato talking to himself as the rest of the Rodric thieves try and kill him.

    "This is not an act of mercy, this is to teach you the pain of living." -Legato Legato to the head of the Rodric thieves as he kills him.

    "I'm a firm believer that an audience always gets more pleasure from a drama with a twist. It's a simple formula: the greater the tragedy the greater the emotional effect." -Legato Legato talking to Midvalley the Horn Freak.

    "Do you intend to die Vash the Stampede. The time has come for you to use it. Go ahead, use it. Use it. Tis something only you can do. Use it. Quickly." -Legato Legato talking in Vash's head trying to get him to use his angel arm.

    "You're angry with me aren't you. Apparently you are unhappy that I forced you to kill Nicholas D. Wolfwood." -Legato Legato talking to Chapel underground.

    "Vash the Stampede will experience eternal pain and suffering." -Legato Legato talking to a weakened Knives.

    "So many sad things happen to you. Whether they are friend or enemy the people you meet die." -Legato Legato with a sad face to Vash

    "Why don't you go ahead. I would welcome this to be my time. After all theres no reason for such an egocentric imcomplete life like mine to be allowed to continue anyway. Give me the gift of nothingness. Give me death." -Legato Legato asking Vash to kill him as he puts Vash's gun to his head.

    • Millions Knives
    Knives looking down on VashChibi Knives bloodshot as he controls a giant plantKnives with his gun in the final battleKnives in one of his uniforms

    "Just a small change of heart that all. Besides if we stay the same theres no individuality." -Chibi Knives Knives talking to Vash.

    "I'll never understand humans they're a total waste of life. To think they'd actually sacrifice themselves out of foolish sentiment for others. It's incomprehensible." -Chibi Knives Knives talking to himself as Rem's ship blows up.

    "Whats the use in growing up if the only thing that grows is your sentimentalism. You're still a good for nothing pathetic wimp." -Knives Knives yelling at Vash.

    "Are you aiming at me again. Are you actually aiming at me again! Ahh!" -Knives

    "The only reason the human race came to possess the capability of compassion and a sense of moral was because they somehow mistakenly believed themselves to be a superior breed of beast. The moment they taste the fear of knowing theres a superior breed, something seems to take control over them everytime. And for some reason humans act merely by instinct from that point on." -Knives Knives explaining the human race to Chapel before he sends Chapel to "The point between living and death".

    "My leg. My leg it hurts why? Why? Theres so much pain in my leg. Did you shoot me? Did you actually shoot me? I can't believe this. Did you really shoot me?" -Knives Knives surprised that Vash actually shot him in the leg in a flashback.

    • Others
    Rem SaveremMonev the Gale destroying a townMilly and MeryllDomonique the Cyclops

    "Nows the end of Vash the Stampede! You and this town die together!" -Monev The Gale Monev says this as he destroys the entire town.

    "Do you have any idea how long 20 years is in prison in that disgusting place with nothing to do but physical training? It was like living in the bowels of hell!" -Monev the Gale Monev commenting on the 20 years he spent in his basement.

    "Still helping others even at a time like this, you are a weakling. If you have any expectations of staying alive you better use them as a shield, but don't worry it'll all be over soon anyway." -Monev the Gale Monev commenting on how Vash is still helping people even as Monev is trying to kill him.

    "This must be a nightmare. Those eyes it's like looking in the eyes of the diablo." -Monev the Gale Monev talking to himself about Vash.

    "And so he finally took his gun into his hand. He pulled the trigger for the first time to save the very people who had tried to kill him." -Meryll Meryll thinking to herself about Vash.

    "What reason could you possibly have to point a gun at your parents." -Milly Milly talking to the man who shot at his own parents.

    "Its not... Not possible! Impossible!" -Domonique the Cyclops Domonique talking to herself when Vash finds out how to elude her Demon's Eye.

    "You are the man who rings the black funeral bell." -Naoneup Naoneup talking to Wolfwood.

    "In the language of the flower, red geraniums represent determination and courage." -Rem Saverem Rem talking to Chibi Vash.

    "It's not healthy to hesitate because everytime you do you wear down a little more of your life." -Chapel Chapel training a chibi Wolfwood.

    "I always worked the fields at home and besides by keeping busy I don't have time to think about my problems. In fact I don't think about anything at all." -Milly Milly talking to Meryll.

    "But you're wrong. No one ever has the right to take the life of another person. No one. No one ever has the right to take the life of another. No one... And everyone... Everyone deserves the future. Meryll trying to convince someone not to kill a beaten up Vash.

    "Can't defy him. Anyone workinf for Knives is at his beck and call. You relinquish all rights and free thought end of discussion." -Midvalley Midvalley telling Vash what it's like to work for Knives.

    Multiple Dialogue

    "For love." -Vash
    "For love and for peace" -Wolfwood

    "I'm saying we all have to make a few sacrifices." -Wolfwood
    "Can I make a different one." -Vash

    "Do you have any idea what you are doing." -Wolfwood
    "Yep with God as my witness." -Vash

    "She's a good girl isn't she. She's really good." -Wolfwood
    "Yes she is." -Vash
    "And you my friend are just like her." -Wolfwood

    "He's walking away. If we let him leave now he'll probably never come back." -Meryll
    "I don't think we can stop him. The way he's acting, I don't think anyone can stop him right now." -Milly

    "They're dead. People are dead!" -Vash
    "Who the hell cares!" -Monev
    "You killed all the people! You killed them all! And you are the one soley responsible for all their deaths! Now you are also going to die!" -Vash

    "Hey, it's dangerous to be too trusting. What if I decided to get up and shoot you in the back." -Monev
    "I'm not that trusting. I kept my finger on the trigger the whole time." -Vash

    "Repeat after me. This world is!" -Vash
    "This... This world." -Old Man
    "This world is made of!" -Vash
    "This world is made of." -Old Man
    "Made of love and peace!" -Vash

    "I intend to eventually destroy all of mankind right down to the very last speck of dust yet, why is it that insist upon meeting your death sooner." -Legato
    "You don't make any sense. You're just talking a bunch of nonsense!" -Rodric Thieve
    "It doesn't matter." -Legato

    "There's a great deal of talent here. You planning to use all of us on this one target." -Midvalley
    "Hardly. I would never waste all that talent on one target. My respect for you is higher than that." -Legato

    "My friend, people don't change their ways that easily." -Vash
    "You actually think we're people, absurd. You and I are men yet no of men. We are dark diabolical puppets! What we are are demons!" -Rai Dei

    "Run! Run away now!" -Vash
    (Rai Dei's escape path gets cut off.)
    "Run!" -Vash
    "What... What is that! I don't understand what the hell is that thing!" -Rai Dei
    "Stop it! Stop it! Please stop it!" -Vash
    (Vash shoots himself in the arm.)
    "Noooo! Nooooo!" -Vash

    "Why do suppose they came here anyway." -Joey
    "Because they're angels." -Rem
    "Angels?" -Joey
    "Perhaps we should pay more attention to them. Vash and Knives could be angels God sent to point us in the right direction. They may even guide us through our dreams." -Rem

    "That was the easiest way to stop him. You wanted to save the butterfly right." -Chibi Knives
    "I didn't wan't to kill the spider. I wanted to save them both!" -Chibi Vash
    "What are you talking about. Unless the spider caugth the butterfly it would die of starvation anyway. You can't save both don't you know that." -Chibi Knives
    "It's not right to make that choice so easily. Both atures Knives so you should-" -Rem
    "But I'm not wrong about this Rem. If you just keep saving the butterflies the spiders will die." -Chibi Knives
    "Yes but-" -Rem
    "Wanting to save both is just a naive contradiction, and what would you have rather had us do just stand and think about it. In the meantime while we do that the spider eats the butterfly-" -Chibi Knives
    (Vash tackles Kives.)
    "Whats wrong with you Knives! Don't you understand I wanted to saveoth of them you idiot!" -Chibi Vash.

    "You killed them all!" -Chibi Vash
    "Yeah spectacular huh. They all die. Except of course for the fraction who will survive because of Rem's insesive medling." -Chibi Knives
    "Knives you... you aren't even human." -Chibi Vash
    (Knives hits Vash hard in the jaw.)
    "Damn straight I'm not. How dare you compare me to those imperfect things! How dare you! Never compare me to them!" -Chibi Knives
    (Knives turns to look up at the ships falling from the sky.)
    "You're nothing but garbage! I will kill you all! Only we will be left on this planet." -Chibi Knives

    "Hey Mr. Legend. Since your the one that fired off the big weapon doesn't that make you more destructive than Knives? Well doesn't it?" -Brad
    "Thats right. I suppose it does." -Vash

    "You're obviously going after Knives. What do you intend to do once you find him." -Wolfwood
    "Many years ago he stole someone who was very important to me." -Vash
    "So you want revenge." -Wolfwood
    "I don't know. I really don't know." -Vash
    "I see. So that's how you live. That's how you choose to live." -Wolfwood

    "Why Wolfwood? It didn't have to end like this." -Vash
    "Kids are kids, and thats one thing. This was no kid he was nothing but a damn demon. And if I hadn't shot him, that would've been you lying there." -Wolfwood
    "But you're wrong. He wasn't going to shoot me." -Vash
    (Wolfwood grabs Vash by the collar.)
    "You shouldn't have killed him. You know your wrong." -Vash
    (Wolfwood punches Vash in the jaw knocking him to the ground.)
    "What other alternative do I have if we're going to survive." -Wolfwood
    (Wolfwood sees Milly looking at him sadly.)
    "We're searching for a place where we can live our lives in peaceful days, with no wars, and no stealing. A place that isn't run by fear. A place where people can live and actually trust other human beings.
    "Ugh. I don't want to here it. I don't need to here your idealistic dreams right now.
    (Wolfwood walks away with his head down low.)

    "The humans treat you well? Did you have fun dear brother?" -Knives
    "I did yeah. Best thing that ever happened to me." -Vash

    "You're not a human being, you're a plant." -Knives
    "I know that" -Vash
    "You're a superior being." -Knives
    "I disagree." -Vash
    "You're wrong about this Vash." -Knives
    "I won't make the same mistake twice." -Vash

    Other Shows

    • FLCL
    FLCLThe whole gangHaruko, Naota, Mamimi, and Kante

    "If you keep acting like that, bad things are bound to happen." -Naota
    "Oh well. I guess I'll just have to deal with the bad things." -Haruko

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